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Why do you need it at all?

Furniture, consumer goods and technology that require self-assembly and operation enter every home today. Assembly, installation and operating instructions serve customers more than ever and require clear and welcoming explanations.

We meet companies that save in the execution phase of the instructions and improvise in an internal organizational and non-professional execution.

What happens when the instructions are not good enough?

- Many inquiries to customer service

- Product returns

- Improper assembly that will damage the product's function and safety

- Low satisfaction

- Decrease in sales

On the other hand, when instructions are done well, they are an integral part of a great customer experience:

Convey a message, illustrate the process and save the customer time, frustration and questions. And no less important - the instructions follow a uniform design line with the company's branding and product values. Increase its value, not decrease it.

Like anything, assembly instructions are a specialty.

For more than a decade we have been illustrating assembly instructions for a huge variety of products.

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