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Assembly Instructions

An effective visual medium that transforms elaborated, technical and daunting texts into a concise and simple to understand illustration

Museum & Exhibitions Design

Complex content worlds are designed into a clear and aesthetic display that tells a story in an exciting, attractive, memorable and accessible way for everyone.


Groupa Studio

Groupa design studio was founded in 2010 by Chen Guiterman & Yiffa Levin and specialize in converting complex worlds into clear and accessible visual images & content.

Nowadays the studio is comprised of a team of industrial designers leading a wide variety of projects. The name 'Groupa' reflects the way the studio works - together, as a group. The joint design process gets the most out of each project and leads to an

in-depth product, with a spectrum of solutions and a versatile design customized to each client and each target audience.

Our Clients

צרו קשר



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