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Assembly Instructions

Nowadays more and more consumer goods and technology that require self-assembly and operation are entering our homes. Assembly, installation and use instructions serve the customers more than ever and require clear and welcoming explanations.

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A well-made instruction manual is an integral part of an excellent customer experience: conveying a message, illustrating the process and saving the customer time, frustration and questions.


Groupa studio is comprised of a team of industrial designers with high graphic abilities.

We incorporate high technical understanding, familiarity with user experience and a common language with the product designers with graphic esthetic and design clarity.


We create manuals for various products - from assembling a chair or toys for babies to medical and technological products of the highest level.

We provide our customers with a variety of illustrations to accompany the product.

Assembly Instructions

An effective visual medium that transforms elaborated, technical and daunting texts into a concise and simple to understand illustration.



Cool Bar  |  KETER

Marketing Illustrations

On many occasions, the illustration takes an important place in the presentation of the product to the customer and replaces complex photo productions. This is thanks to the graphic freedom it allows and the flexibility to change details over and over again.


Accompany the product and their main purpose is to convey a clear, captivating and immediate message without using words

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