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3 notable advantages of illustrated instructions without words

The big challenge in any illustration is to convey the message clearly without using words.

why is it important?

1. Globalization

Our illustrated instructions travel to many countries overseas.

An illustration without text saves translations and a load of languages.

2. Who is reading?

Nobody reads texts today...

Customers do not have the patience to delve deeper, they are looking for a clear and available message.

3. Visual accuracy

To create a clear, inviting and catchy illustration, we adhere to the minimum of details necessary for understanding. Text next to the illustration is awkward and distracts.

An example from the assembly instructions of the beautiful Popup Lighting product:

Illustration or words?

Why would you approach?

What is more understandable?

Instructions explained in words:

Written text - of assembly steps - remove the cardboard strip, fold the cardboard and insert it into the slot, insert it all the way
Verbatim assembly instructions

The same instructions, this time in illustrations:

The steps of folding a cardboard product
Illustrated assembly instructions

So what would you prefer? It's time to vote

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