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What if Vitra had assembly instructions...?

As designers of assembly instructions, we often find ourselves toying with the idea - what would the assembly instructions for this product look like? Assembly is a process and processes are everywhere, from making soup according to a recipe to building a building. For the most part it remains a fun idea, but when we thought about VITRA we had to play with it.

Vitra are a status symbol. Every young designer knows the famous chairs and wants an original one in his living room.

We selected interesting and well-known chairs from the never-ending VITRA collection, and designed instructions for them:

Zig zag chair by Vitra in folding stages
How to fold the Zig Zag Stoel?

"Zig Zag Stoel" is one of the famous chairs of the well-known designer Harit Rietfeld. It is made of four wooden beams that are "folded" into a Z shape. So obviously we folded it!

Vitra's La Mamma chair in an amusing illustration that shows a man inflating the chair
How to inflate the La Mamma?

The La Mamma armchair is also so typical that its "inflating" was almost obvious.

BALL CHAIR furniture by Vitra company in an amusing illustration that shows the cutting of the chair with a cutting knife
How to reveal the Ball Chair

The designer of the Ball Chair says that the shape of the chair started from the shape of a ball.

 Vitra's La Chaise chair with hands that pour egg over it
La Chaise - Fried Egg

On a daily basis we play less and more work and illustrate products for customers


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