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Text VS Illustration

Almost every product has a lot of instructions, warnings and prohibitions

You can draft all the instructions

Then translate them into all the relevant languages ​​(because this is essential information!)

And write in a small font because there's always not enough room

and print all this in a booklet

And hope the customer reads it

Text must not be opened with a knife, must not be used on an uneven surface, must not place the product on a table
Written instructions for the client. would you read?

And maybe you can do it another way...

You can let us design clear and simple icons,

The graphic icon will attract the eye much more than the written text

Then at a glance the customer will understand what you want from him

And you won't have to translate!

It's that simple:

Icons that show that it is forbidden to open with a knife, it is forbidden to use on an uneven surface, it is forbidden to place the product on a table
The same instructions from above, this time in a graphic illustration: icons from the large set we designed for Keter

So what would you prefer? it's time to vote

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For more of our icons

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