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Half and half

We are industrial designers by training, but we have always been drawn to graphic design as well. In working on the assembly instructions we are right on the seam line- Utilizing the advantages of both areas to reach the best result for the client.

We work comfortably with the product designers (mostly industrial designers or engineers), make direct use of the 3D files of the product, know the materials and technologies of each product and all the complex technical details. We see and understand the customer's user experience, the weak points and highlights. So much for industrial designers.

and then-Moving to the customer's brand language - studying and analyzing it, projecting our insights into the language of assembly instructions. Juggling between graphic software to make every detail of the illustrations and overall design accurate. We adapt the illustration to the relevant printing method (booklet? cardboard? brown cardboard? etc.) or maybe even digital instructions? Close files accordingly and send...

 Features of an assembly illustration illustrator - half industrial designer and half graphic designer
On the seam line between an industrial designer and a graphic designer


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