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3 reasons why to illustrate a product and not photograph it

Products are sold today on a variety of platforms and many times the illustration takes an important place in presenting the product to the customer and thus replaces complex photo productions. Over the years we have seen the advantages of a marketing illustration for a product over photographing it.

1. Dynamism

An illustration is a dynamic thing. With the push of a button we will change the color of the product, add or remove an object from the frame and replace one detail with another. When the sales frame of the illustrated product is changeable, compared to the production of a photo that requires preparation in advance and any change we want after that requires a lot of work and time.

During the work with KETER Plastic on their new warehouse, we were asked to show the various uses of the warehouse. 3 frames that we illustrated convey to the customer the message that the warehouse has many uses, and spared Keter the complex photo production of this product.

2. Freedom and flexibility

Marketing illustrations for a product are an important tool for selling it, but not only. Sometimes the product manager wants to present the product internally within the company itself or wishes to present the product during its development process and even at the concept stage without committing to certain details that have not yet reached their final form.

In that case, the product illustration is ideal. The freedom and flexibility it allows gives credibility on the one hand, and does not commit too much on the other.

3. Money.

Let's face it, photo production is an expensive event. Sometimes very expensive. It produces a limited number of high-quality and reliable frames. We can usually produce the same amount of frames that will be of no less quality, at a much lower price.


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