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Instructions - just a technical paper or a designed brochure?

Many companies tend to treat the assembly instructions as a mere technical sheet that accompanies the product. Even next to well-planned, beautifully designed and invested products, you can still find instructions in an almost technical and engineering language.

It is important to understand:

The assembly instructions that come with the product are an integral part of the customer's user experience. Besides they should be clear and easy to understand, they should be designed in a uniform line with the product.

Customers these days know how to distinguish, even if not consciously, design and branding. An improperly handled instruction booklet will create reluctance and impatience.

And also, the assembly instructions also have a design language and a wide range of options: Technical / professional / business / light / atmospheric / games and more.

We make sure to adapt the appearance of the assembly instructions to the product and the company - to the language of the brand, to the target audience, to the atmosphere and values ​​that the product transmits and to create a brochure that the customers will want to take in their hands.

 A number of illustrations from instructions that Studio Groupa illustrated and designed for a household irrigation product of the Solidrip company

Examples from the instruction booklet for the Solidrip company


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